Raising a Little Gherkin

Morning Routine

So I consider myself a morning person.  I generally get out of bed and I am ready to go.  I like to watch a few minutes of the Today show to let my mind wake up a bit, but I am not what I would call a grumpy person toward anyone in the morning. My daughter on the other hand need their fifteen minutes of silence before you can speak to her.  We jokingly say she is our little velociraptor  before you will snarl and swat if you try to rouse her before she is ready.  Amazingly when she wakes herself she is a peachy keen, no velociraptor trying to sneak out.   Well our little gherkins has to be awake by 7:15 every school day so that she has plenty of time to get through her whole routine before the bus comes at 8:25.

Well this morning the gherkins came out in a peachy keen kind of mood at 7:12.  She was all smiles and cheerful pleasantries, so I thought the morning was going to be a smooth one.  We were up early and happy.  Wrong!  I asked the gherkins what would you like for breakfast?  “I don’t know” was the reply.  I never like this response.  Just tell me anything, something.  No matter what I suggest I always get an answer of “Well I was not really in the mood for that”  Really, then how about you tell me what you are in the mood for so I can make it?  Or better yet I’ll decide for you.  GRR!   So, she finally settled on peanut butter toast, yogurt, and milk after 15 minutes of deciding. Mind you the clock is still counting down to when the bus comes and we’re at 7:27.  Me being a mom has a set routine of when we need to be completing tasks like getting dressed, brushing teeth, walking out the door so that we make the bus.

With breakfast made I tell her she has 15 minutes to watch television before going to get dressed.  While she doing this I ask her if she would like her lunch packed.  She wanted to know what was for lunch.  It was mac ‘n’ cheese day so she was buying, so I made sure she had lunch money in her folder and backpack was ready t o go.  Well the clock has hit 7:50 and the gherkins is still not dress.  I know I got sidetracked checking email and lost track of time – oops.  I asked her to go find an outfit because she needed to be getting ready.  She grumbled but went back and then the moans and groans began.  Oh no! The gherkins could not find an outfit to wear.  Really?  A whole dresser and closet full of clothes and you have nothing to wear?  I suggested she could wear her pajamas if there was nothing in her closet to wear.  You can guess that didn’t go over real well.  Guess she didn’t like my attempt at humor?

The gherkins finally decided on khaki shorts and a striped top after 15 minutes of looking at, tossing aside, picking back up, putting down.  It looked like her closet had thrown up, but she has clothes on.  We’ll deal with the closet when she gets home after school.  So now it’s 8:05 and we still have to get our hair brushed, teeth brushed, shoes on, backpack on, and out the door.  The teeth and shoes were no issues, but brushing the hair.  Yowza!  It’s like a little bird built a nest in the night.  Her hair gets so tangled up.  Well, the gherkins helped brush it so there were not so many squeals of “MOM  OWW!”  It’s hit 8:20 and we made it! We’re going to be on time to the bus stop today. Backpack’s on and we were headed out the door when I remembered that today was her spelling test, so I quickly ran back in to grab her list.  I asked her the words as we walked to the bus stop, which she was none to pleased about.  It’s called multi-tasking gherkins.  You’ll learn to do it.  We meet the other moms and kiddos at the bus stop and exchange morning hellos, although mine is still not ready to be social with the other kids.  Guess we’ve still got a little velociraptor hiding in there.  But she gets on the bus and is headed off for another day of school.

So this morning there were no tears or yelling which rates as a pretty good morning in my book.  Now on with the rest of my day.  Next task – figuring out a menu for next week.  I’ll let you know if I come up with any good recipes.

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Hello world!

So I have decided to start a blog just because I wanted a way to write down all my thoughts to share with everyone.  I am going to talk about my family, cooking – yes cooking because I like to cook, just not the cleaning up bit afterwards, and whatever other thoughts or ideas I decide I might want to share with everyone.  I hope you enjoy reading it because I am going to have fun writing it.

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